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Shane Duckworth

Creative Director/ Director/ DP

Shane Duckworth has been working in the film industry since graduating from The College of Santa Fe in 2005, with a degree in Moving Image Arts. There, he focused his studies on Cinematography and Directing. He joined the International Cinematographers Guild in 2006. Shane has worked on major Hollywood films and TV shows including Terminator Salvation and Breaking Bad. He has also created his own works, from a full length feature film, Without A Crowd, to commercials and music videos. Shane Duckworth brings over 7 years of professional film production and an eye for dynamic and beautiful imagery.

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Our Vision




We are a company that develops and produces award-winning projects on a variety of media platforms including commercials, music videos, web, graphic and interactive design, exhibitions, events, and original photography. At the core of Brooklyn Movie Works is our commitment to both the art and the world it's made in. While new technologies change the platforms people watch media on, new technologies have also change how media is made. We are on the verge of a revolution in the worlds of media and energy, and we are at the frontline.

Our goal is to make projects that will change society both by content and how it’s made. Our philosophy is how we approach the project from beginning to end, thinking about ways to have less of an impact on the environment.
A smaller carbon footprint doesn’t mean smaller projects; We handle big and small projects. We understand how things normally get done and we are taking that working knowledge of traditional production and looking at ways we can change for the better, while still upholding artistic integrity and professional quality that our clients have come to expect.  

No matter the project we bring unique and innovative artistic talent along with the power to make content in an eco-conscious way. Welcome to Brooklyn Movie Works.


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